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On this page you'll find links to poetry and writing magazines, poetry and writing publishers, short story magazines and publishers, science fiction magazines and publishers, e-book publishers, poetry and writing competitions, poetry and writing organisations, writing courses, poetry and writing resources, poet and writers websites, and a whole lot more besides!

N.B. Some sites are in more than one category, as I think they had to be. Where appropriate, I have made some comment, or used quotes from the relevant website, to help give you some kind of further guideline. I've tried to avoid including vanity presses and bitchy sites - as I've no time for either.

- Paul Rance/Peace & Freedom Press.

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The Association of Writers & Writing Programs
"Since 1967, AWP has supported writers and writing programs around the world."

Jacqui Bennett Writers Bureau
"JBWB is here to help YOU become a published writer."

National Literacy Trust
"Building a literate nation".

The Writers Bureau
"The World's Largest Writing School".
"Offering online writing classes in all genres".
"A world of writing tips...For writers around the world."


The Academy of American Poets
American Library Association
The Arts Council of Ireland/An Chomhairle Ealaíon
The Arts Council of Northern Ireland
Arts Council of Wales
The British Fantasy Society
The Burry Man Writers Center
Canadian Poetry Association
The Collective
Comedy Writers' Association UK
Crime Writers' Association
Independent Publishers’ Guild
The League of Canadian Poets
National Association of Writers Groups
The Poetry Council
Poetry in the Arts
The Poetry Society of America
Regional Arts (England).
The Society of Authors
Southwest Scriptwriters
UK Directory of Writers' Circles


ABC Tales
"Probably the most exciting story site in the world. The site where you can can get published for free and read great stories and poems."

Bridport Prize
Possibly the UK's most prestigious poetry and fiction competition. - Ed.

Fish Publishing
"The Fish Short Story Prize is an open door that's inviting writers to walk through it. It has to be encouraged, celebrated, congratulated." - Roddy Doyle.
General arts site, which offers opportunities for writers. - Ed.    

Petra Kenney Poetry Competition
Long-running, respected competition. - Ed.

Revolution Books
"Our aim? To turn the dreams of writers everywhere into reality, to finally give deserving writers' work to the world, bypassing a publishing industry that is frustratingly resistant to fresh blood and fresh ideas."
" is dedicated to promoting web literature by providing a showcase for aspiring authors, essayists and poets."

Twist in the Tale
"The writers competition site dedicated to fiction with a surprise ending."

Writers World
is a "print-on-demand self publishing resource for writers."


The Adelaide Review
"South Australia's premier quality monthly literary/lifestyle magazine established in 1984."

"Ansible is Dave Langford's notorious British sf/fan newsletter, published since 1979."

Arrowhead Press
"Quality books and pamphlets of contemporary poetry."

Back Brain Recluse
"Back Brain Recluse publishes some of the most startling and daring SF currently being written".

Baker Street Irregular
"An international poetry quarterly."

Bloodaxe Books
"The best contemporary poetry from the UK's sharpest publisher".

Bloomsbury Publishing
"Bloomsbury Publishing Plc is a leading independent publisher and winner of the 1999 and 2000 Publisher of the Year awards."

"BuzzWords is a bi-monthly UK small press magazine dedicated to offering new writers the chance to see their work in print alongside that of established writers."

"Scotland's quality literary magazine."

Producers of several small press mags. - Ed.

CK Publishing
"We are a highly active, independent publishing house".

Codex Books
Publishing more interesting books than the mainstream boys and girls it would seem. - Ed.

"The web forum of innovative writing".

The Dream Zone

Earth Love
"The Poetry Magazine for the Environment".

Ebook Heaven
"Ebook Heaven brings you science fiction & fantasy in a variety of e-book and p-book formats."

Enigmatic Press
"By the end of 2002 Len Maynard & Mick Sims will have produced 40 books in the supernatural genre."

Famous Reporter
"An Australian literary biannual."

Feather Books
"Feather Books publishes Christian Poetry, music and drama."

First Writer
"first writer is a writing web site for fiction and poetry that includes everything an author or writer could need!"

Magazine of the British Science Fiction Association. - Ed.

Forward Press Ltd
"Forward Press and its various imprints has grown from a hobby into one of the largest poetry publishers in the UK."

Gila Queen's Guide to Markets
An interesting, and fun, site. - Ed.

The Haunted River
"Connoisseurs of the weird and supernatural in literature, film and art".

Hollow Hills Publishing
"Dedicated to bringing you inspirational new fiction in e-book form."

Ignotus Press
"Our aim is to provide a wide base of genuine information for all esoteric traditions as serious British-based occult material is becoming hard to find."

I Love Poetry
" will be hosting multiple poetry contests throughout the year."

"The weekly e-zine for professional writers."

"We are looking for innovative, entertaining, well-written and up-to-date science fiction and fantasy."

Iron Press
"As publishers become more corporate, global and boring, Iron Press champions new quality writing as it has done since 1973."

Katabasis Books
"Down to earth and Utopian poetry and prose".

The Kenyon Review
"The website of The Kenyon Review, the nation's most honored literary magazine."

Kitty Litter Press
Poetry publishers who love cats apparently! - Ed.

KotaPress Poetry Journal
Impressive poetry site. - Ed.

Literal Latté

Long Shot
"Writing for the real world."

The Louisiana Review
"An annual publication of the best creative writing, art, and reviews of published creative writing collections by a single author by Louisiana Writers and Artists."

"For 60 years, providing fine writing and provocative ideas from Australia and beyond."

The Moriarty Papers
"While we will exercise an editorial policy based on quality of work, we are happy to consider work in any style or on any subject."

"For women who write".

The New Writer
"It's different and it's aimed at writers with a serious intent; everyone who wants to develop their writing to meet the expectations of today's editors."

"Australia's leading radical literary and cultural institution for nearly 50 years".

Pipers' Ash
"This company was set up to discover new and not so new, young and not so young, talented authors with potential as well as readers who wish to broaden their horizons."

Planet - The Welsh Internationalist
"Planet is a bi-monthly magazine covering the arts, culture and politics in Wales and beyond."

Loads of poems, stories and articles you can read for free. - Ed.

"PoemsUK is an organisation based in the UK although it is a forum for work from all over the world."

"Since its founding in Chicago in 1912, Poetry has presented, often for the very first time, virtually every significant poet of the century."

Poetry Daily
A new poem each day. Nice concept. - Ed.

Poetry International
"From the initial publication, the journal had been committed to surveying a wide range of poetry in America and throughout the world."

Poetry Ireland
"Poetry Ireland/Éigse Éireann is the national organisation for poetry in Ireland."

Poetry Life
"Britain's sharpest national poetry magazine".

Poetry London
"One of Britain's leading poetry magazines, bringing you poems, reviews, features and listings".

Poetry Now
See Forward Press.

Poets & Writers Online
The most interesting US mag for writers and poets on the web. - Ed.

The Poets' Corner
"Share your original poems around the world."

Potty Poets
Publishers of wacky poetry books, predominantly for children. - Ed.

Prairie Fire
"The best little magazine in Canada today." - Sandra Birdsell.

Publishing News
"The book trade as it happens".

Puff Adder Books
"Books that bite!"

Pulsar Poetry Magazine
"Pulsar Poetry Magazine is a quarterly, A5, full-colour cover, 36 page, professionally printed, paper publication."

Quick Fiction
Mag which features stories of under 500 words. - Ed.

Rattapallax Press
Dynamic poetry magazine. - Ed.

The Rialto
''The only poetry magazine I can think of that truly gives poetry the time and space it deserves." - Simon Armitage.

The Rose & Thorn
"Get monthly access to literary hints, tips and information."

Skanky Possum
I could watch that possum all day. - Ed.

Long-running, and one of Britain's most respected small press poetry magazines. - Ed.

"The haiku magazine".

Sol Magazine
"The purpose of our all-volunteer organization is to educate poets, and to foster the reading and writing of short poetry."

Southwest American Literature
"Southwestern American Literature is published two times a year, Fall and Spring, by the Center for the Study of the Southwest at Southwest Texas State University."

Stand Magazine
Not a regularly updated site it appears, but useful for info about one of the UK's premier literary magazines. - Ed.

The Third Alternative Press
Producers of Zene and lots of other stuff. - Ed.

"Thumbscrew is an independent poetry journal publishing work by internationally renowned writers, alongside exciting new poets and critics."

Two Rivers Press
An independent publisher which publishes a wide variety of literature and art, often with an environmental feel. - Ed.

Wallace Stevens Journal
"A Publication of The Wallace Stevens Society, Inc."

Wooden Horse Publishing
"Up-to-date market facts for writers".

"Words, published in British Columbia, Canada,  features the work of new and experienced writers from all around the  world."

"Where writers meet."

Worldwide Freelance Writer
"One of the Best 101 Web Sites for Writers!" - Writer's Digest Magazine.

"Opportunities for writers."

Young Writer
"Young Writer (paper edition) is an international magazine featuring the best in English language creative writing from children aged 5 to 18 from around the world."



Ralph Waldo Emerson
Peter Finch
Robert Frost
Alan Ginsberg
Seamus Heaney
Ted Hughes
John Milton
Wilfred Owen
Christina Rossetti
William Shakespeare
Benjamin Zephaniah


Jane Austen
Brontë Sisters
Charles Bukowski
Lewis Carroll
Charles Dickens
The Arthur Conan Doyle Society
James Joyce
H.P. Lovecraft
George Orwell
The Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore
William Shakespeare
J.R.R. Tolkien
The Tolkien Society
The H.G. Wells Society
Virginia Woolf



Absolute Write
"If you are interested in freelance writing, screenwriting, playwriting, writing novels, nonfiction, comic book writing, greeting cards, poetry, songwriting, or-- well, you get the idea--".
Fiction search engine. - Ed.
A very extensive site, with bags of info for UK poets, writers, and publishers. - Ed.

Author Network
Another 'biggie' which is an online community for UK-based poets and writers, including advice. - Ed.

BEEing And Getting Published
"This is a beehive of publishing markets and resources for writers that are in the creative writing bizzzzzness.  The place to be if you are interested in BEEing and getting published."

Lots of classic fiction available to read for free. - Ed.

A top resource for those looking for publishers. - Ed.

Burning Press
"Experimental & InterMedia Literatures".

The Burry Man Writers Center
"Freelance job links, resources for fiction and nonfiction writers."

Competition Classifieds
"Your Online Source For Contests, Competitions, Opportunities, Exhibitions And More."

Amazing array of links to all things poetical, literary and beyond! - Ed.

Ecola Newsstand
News directory of magazines and newspapers from all over the world. - Ed.

"EUROPEAN AND INTERNATIONAL INFORMATION, NEWS & ANALYSIS FOR THE ARTS & CULTURAL SECTOR: the performing arts; the visual arts; literature; museums and heritage; audiovisual and media industries, and the library and information sector".

The Hopeful Writer
A site "aimed at providing resources (links), and information for writers".

"newnovelist is a new software programme, produced in London by Creativity Software Ltd. Using the best teaching tools available, we have created a programme which makes novel writing - whether for fun or profit - an easy, and rewarding process."

New Writing
"A website for writing and publishing."
"...the natural history, environment and science bookstore."

"The on-line writers’ resource centre."

Poetry Ireland
"Poetry Ireland/Éigse Éireann is the national organisation for poetry in Ireland."

The Poetry Kit
Voted Poetry Super Highway Online Poetry Resource of 2001. The best British site regarding poetry info. - Ed.

The Poetry Library
"The most comprehensive collection of modern poetry in Britain."
Massive amount of info. One of the best resources regarding poetry on the web. - Ed.

Poetry Portal
"Poetry Portal is a directory of worldwide poetry online".

The Poetry Resource
"This site is offered as a public service to poets and lovers of poetry."

Poetry Super Highway
As good as the name suggests. - Ed.

"The Portal for Poetry People."

The Scottish Poetry Library
Lively site packed with resources. - Ed.

Umbrella Books
" aim to promote the sale of books published by small independent publishers."
"Now you can have your own library of ebooks for children."
"The children's writing supersite".

Writers' Services
"The website for writers".

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