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Free copy of RATCLIFFE's MEGATHESAURUS (ISBN 0 905262 10 7) by Eric Ratcliffe with orders over £10.00

Roaring Megs and Roaring Girls... "obscure, fascinating, delightful" - Fortean Times



ISBN 0 905262 17 4

Ape Into Pleiades by Lilith Lorraine (1998)
First US woman poet of SF, brought startling savagery to future Armageddons, haunting beauty by strange Tomorrows.

"Gem of a collection...a quality that seems to transcend time itself" - Taska Lambert, Strix.


SBN 0 905262 32 8

Dreaming Scryers, True Deceivers (2003)
Six SF Poets, including outstanding literary figures Brian Aldiss, read together at the Oxford Poetry Weekend '03. This book collects all poems read by Aldiss, Rip Bulkeley, Cardinal Cox, Andrew Darlington, John F. Haines and Steve Sneyd.

"A new trajectory through time and space...intense, fleeting glimpses of an atomised, relativistic universe of nature and human beings" - Patricia Prime, New Hope International Review On-line

ISBN 0 905262 15 8

Gravity's End by Gavin Salisbury (1997)

"Speculative work, which has a warmth to it....Humanity shines through" - Paul Rance, Peace & Freedom.

The Lobster Quadrille Poem sequence by Andrew Darlington

ISBN 0 905262 08 5

The Lobster Quadrille Poem sequence by Andrew Darlington (1995)

"Get this between your pincers soon" - Geoff Stevens, Purple Patch

ISBN 0 905262 29 8

Two Cosmic Voyages (2001)
In "Ace-double" format, the space voyage section of 1837 epic poem 'The Starseer' by Bramwell Bronte's friend William Dearden, and R I Barycz' compelling 'Spin', with art by Alan Hunter.

"poetry, which flashes on the mind with the brilliancy of lightning" - Liverpool Mail

War of the Words - A Sampler of SF Fanzine Pomes

ISBN 0 905262 03 4

War of the Words - A Sampler of SF Fanzine Pomes (1991)
Humorous verse by John Brunner, Sam Youd (John Christopher), Vinc Clarke and more.

"My only complaint is that it wasn't long enough... check it out" - Tom Sadler, The Reluctant Famulus

Monday Morning Over the World by John B. Michel

ISBN 0 905262 36 0

Monday Morning Over the World by John B. Michel (2005)

A surreal collection of sci-fi poetry to be sure, with JOHN B. MICHEL's a cautionary tale, and I was amazed to see that it was written in the late '30s, as it seems very 'now' regarding subject matter.- Paul Rance.

In "Ace-double" format with "Bitter-Sweet" by Mark Sonnenfeld & Cindy Elizabeth Houston
Dystopian future poem. Alien viewpoint on fragmented modern city.

ISBN 0 905262 38 7

Bus Stop by John Francis Haines & The Long Trip by Dainis Bisenieks (2006)
'Bus Stop' by John Francis Haines - there's no way back from these bizarre multiverse worlds. "Ace-double" with 'The Long Trip' by Dainis Bisenieks, classic '50s interstellar exploration poem. Featuring Gunter Wessalowski's stunning full colour art.

Quite dark, but evocative, poetry from SF poetry stalwart John F. Haines and American "fringe fan" Dainis Bisenieks. A notable two in one collection, and the stunning full colour cover artwork, from Gunter Wessalowski, vies with 'The Lobster Quadrille' cover art as the best artwork in any Hilltop collection. - Paul Rance.

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ISBN 0 905262 16 6

Laying Siege To Tomorrow - Poetry in UK Sfanzines from the 1930s to 1950s (1998)
When Arthur C Clarke wrote poetry.

"excavating.. amid the corrupted beauty" - Andy Darlington, Touchpaper

ISBN 0 905262 18 2

Entropies & Alignments - Poetry in UK Sfanzines, the 1960s (1998)

"A lot of early Brian Stableford poetry involved" - David Langford, Ansible

ISBN 0 905262 22 0

In Space's Belly - Poetry in UK Sfanzines/little magazines the '70s (1999)

"Vivid words from creative minds of the period - a superb book" - Paul Bradshaw, Dark Fantasy N/L

ISBN 0 905262 14 X

Fierce Far Suns - Proto SF & SF Poetry in America: 1750s to 1960s (1997)

"Gets my highest recommendation" - H.R. Felgenhauer, Gotta Write Litmag

ISBN 0 905262 35 2

ELSEWHEN UNBOUND - Poetry in American Sfanzines, the 1930s to 1960s (2004)

"Terrific" - JOHN F. HAINES, Handshake

ISBN 0 905262 18 2

Kin To The Far Beyond - Poetry in US Fanzines: the '70s, '80s & '90s (1998)

"Useful to the historian and seeker" - Lary Smith, Fosfax

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ISBN 0 905262 33 6

A Dark Horse Fantasy by Jimmie Dickie (2004)
A poem of witchcraft, shape-changing, and despised female outsider's revenge - contemporary use of ancient themes at its most compelling.

In "Ace-double" format with "Opening the Ellen Files"
In the early 19th C ballad-collector Robert Jamieson discovered the fragments of a lost epic of incest, ordeal, and overcome rejection, its essence reprinted here for the first time since then.

ISBN 0 905262 23 9

A Skull For Bald Eagle by Frances Elizabeth Campbell (1999)
Verse play casting the shadow of myth across family dramas of love, lust and jealousy. Plus poems and short story also set in mid-century US.

"quirky... clash of old darks and C20th new" - Zine Cat, Dragonsbreath

ISBN 0 905262 28 X

Vivian And Merlin by Ralph De Tunstall Sneyd (2001)
Reprint of long 1929 poem, atmospheric retelling of how Merlin, mightiest of magicians, was bewitched by a woman's spell. With art by respected Arthurian illustrator Ian Brown.

"The poet's gift for transcending mere mechanics" - Chris Lovegrove, Pendragon


ISBN 0 905262 37 9

Medusa - A Poetry Anthology (2005)
Over 40 exciting contemporary poets from Britain, America and beyond face down that stony gaze, one still haunting the hidden places of our 21st C. minds.

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