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Summaries of all issues of 'Data Dump' SF Newsletter from issue 100


Summaries of issues 1-99 of 'Data Dump' SF Newsletter


DATA DUMP (ISSN 1359 2 041) - A Newsletter of SF Poetry
The latest on collections, anthologies, SF music, etc.

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No.'s 100-125

November 2006

A typed 8 page summary of the previous 100 Data Dumps! Also, (still) unanswered questions from previous issues and a list of American and Canadian SF poets, who've been published in the UK.


Includes a list of small press mags that have survived after 30 years, a fine bit of pith from Mike Johnson, John M. Ford obituary, an article on SF music and opera, and a plug for a Hawkwind release in the margin!


Thought-quotes, Dune & Norstrilia, string theory, Nigel Kneale/Quatermass, and SF (opera-free) music continued. Plus, Viking ghosts!


More on Nigel Kneale. A.C. Evans featured, and lots of reviews, including one of Cardinal Cox's Old Scarlett's Book Of Impracticle Bats.


Features on poet John Heath-Stubbs, classic remints - Homer (the Greek writer, not the yella fella) treatments, and more Genre Music examples.


Data Dump Award '07 Nominations, a Pope's penis poem, and Purple People Eater.


Data Dump Award '07 Short List, Lee Hoffman obituary, W.H. Auden and William Blake anniversaries, Edgar Allan Poe as a character.


Data Dump Award '07 - Winner, 2nd, 3rd Places announced (see below). Not forgetting The Cosmographs, and that "Newton among poets", Percy Bysshe Shelley.


John Milton, William Shakespeare, Star*Line, The Burglars's Bone, Bokonon, Goldilocks planet discovery!


Bardathon, John Francis Haines reviews The Tempest, Hawkwind: Do Not Panic review, and Are Nursery Rhymes DF article?


The Return of Merlin, the Total Lunar Eclipse of March, '07, Review of Cardinal Cox's The Night Land, and Sunra Recordings.


Spanish Ignotus Awards, In The Egg poem, The Seven Hills Of Earth, Irish king Sweeney, and the first live music in space revealed!


This Way Up mourned, Worst Poem in the English Language, Half-Demon, Half-Elf, nappy wearing astronaut incident!


Free verse werewolves, Aurore Australe, A Collection of Collaborative Poetry reviews, Beowulf's dragon, and Siouxsie Sioux's dad milked snakes revelation!

115 A Q and A special with Drew Morse, this issue also includes a list of important SFanzines and SFanzine poets pf the 1930s to 1960s. Plus, Annals Of Arkya article.

Foods Out There, Novels Embedding Poetry, oddest Data Dump SF poetry factoid ever?!


John Cage pithy Thought-Quote Extra, review of Cardinal Cox's Sowerberry Harvest, and H.P. Lovecraft inspired music.


Derek Pickles tribute, Beowulf bonanza, Your Own Ghosts and Vespula Vanishes reviews.


Newton & The Striking Apple review, Americana, Robert Mannyng, Beowulfing on!


Interesting facts about William Blake's lack of success in his lifetime (a genius ahead of his time is a recurring theme in literature, art, and music, of course), Peter Ackroyd's Poe: A Life Cut Short review, Data Dump 2008 Award Preliminary Selections, Hawkfan mag review, Gilgamesh, William "the sadly neglected" Dearden, the eccentric John Whiteside Parsons, and a summary of The Observer Book Of Space list of Top 10 songs about space - a very contentious list of space songs from the rock era.


Fascinating bibliography by Drew Morse on genre poetry in 1930s US fanzines.


Data Dump 2008 Award Short List, reviews of the anthology Fantaverse and Edwin Morgan's From Saturn To Glasgow. Arthur C. Clarke, Ken Slater, Lee Hoffman remembered.


Data Dump 2008 Award - Winner, 2nd, 3rd Places announced (see below). Early 1940s Nepenthe magazine (issues 1 & 2), The Atlantean - Collected, Fairtyale Graveyard reviews. Curious Kurt Vonnegut info.


Simone B. Heaney's Beowulf, Elsewhen Unbound trail of poetry in early US Sfanzines, John Brunner, Flights From The Iron Moon (Hilltop Press) now available from


Orpheus & Eurydice bonanza, Cardinal Cox's The Shaver Mysteries reviewed, Jack Speer obit. Fascinating theories - Gilgamesh not the oldest epic, and stars, planets, and the Moon making music only departing souls can hear. Also, Rupert Brooke's love potion no. 9...


No.'s 126-150
126 Jack Speer's Konan reviewed, detailed Thomas M. Disch appreciation/obituary, '79 Futurama Festival, (rock band) Queen Metropolis link, Rupert Brooke topped by American blue man!

William Blake, The Tempest, Old Rossum's Book Of Practical Robots review, and a review of Cardinal Cox's The Devil's Own Music.


"The Raven Had Bart's Head On" is an inspired opening headline! Duane Ackerson's From Tedium To Terror article in Star*Line analysed, a snatch of Romanian SF poetry, Frankenstein - Peter Ackroyd style, Sunk Mambo review.


Review of special 75th issue of Handshake, Cardinal Cox's memories of Metropolis - The Musical, summary of 1929 sci-fi horror movie, High Treason. Plus, Faust, Faust, and more Faust!


Chigger update, reviews of Cardinal Cox's Memento Mori and Atlantean's The Bards Series #21- Sally Richards. Cardinal Cox reviews Michael Daugherty's Philadelphia Stories - UFO, and there's an article on SF novels with music.


This issue features a Thomas M. Disch obituary, John Milton, More & More Of His Neighbours' Houses, and Fiddler On Titan.


Edgar Allan Poe in space, genre epic poems in English, Hilltop Press stalwart Harry (H.E.) Turner obituary, 25 years of BBR.


Data Dump 2009 Award Preliminary Selections, lengthy review of Suzette Haden Elgin's Twenty-One Novel Poems.


Data Dump 2009 Award Short List, Ursula Le Guin's 80th birthday remembered, Elaine Cochrane's overview of the work of Dan Simmons analysed.


Data Dump 2009 Award - Winner, 2nd, 3rd Places announced (see below). Tolkien poems, review of Frontier Of Going.


J. G. Ballard obituary, Lionel & Patricia Fanthorpe, Aldebaran (Atlantean's The Bards Series #74) review, vembletroon poem form explained.


Emperors Of Dreams by S.T. Doshi, Favourite Constellations, John Brunner's Stand On Zanzibar reviews. James Kirkup and Arthur Langley Searles obituaries.


Reviews of A Prehistory Of Mind by Brian Aldiss, Moondust - The Album, and Tributes & Admiration. The vembletroon poem form unmasked.


A Data Dump special on long-running American SF journal Fantasy Commentator.


Charles Darwin dominates, and there's also an interesting piece on space-related music.


Alfred Tennyson, Charles Darwin, Edgar Allan Poe anniversaries remembered. Reviews of Margaret Atwood's God's Gardeners and Algis Budrys' Michaelmas. Spinal Tap get a mention for their glorious 25 years together, as do Neil Young and David Bowie - for having had spiders named after them. This DD has golden nuggets galore of fascinating info!


42s of significance, reviews of Cardinal Cox's The Mysteries Of Nightmare Abbey and On Science anthology, and, poignantly, mention of BBC Radio 7's broadcast of Dr. Who's Horror Of Glam Rock, featuring late Boyzone singer Stephen Gately as Tommy Tomorrow.


Seamus Heaney is modern rhyming slang for bikini reveals this issue of DD! Also - Beowulfiana, Necronomicons.


Robert P. Holdstock and Eric Ratcliffe obituaries, lots on Hawkwind, and info on where The Icicle Works and Sweet Billy Pilgrim got their names from!


Meteors (including return of Gilgamesh), Return Of Inescapable B (Beowulf, of course!), Janet Fox obituary, In The Telling anthology review, and Queen's sci-fi tracks!


Yet more Beowulf! Sun Ra, 5th Annual Data Dump (2010) Awards Nominations, review of The Slayer Of Souls by Robert W. Chambers. And... Christopher Lee does metal!


Reviews of Robert Hold's Ysobel's Last Song, Andrew Jordan's Josian In Ermonie, Cardinal Cox's Carrion Crimson, and Walter de la Mare's Henry Brocken. Data Dump Awards Short List, and The Goons' tribute to Sputnik!


Data Dump 2010 Award - Winner, 2nd, 3rd Places announced (see below). SARM awarded Galileo. Cardinal Cox reviews Gong's 2032 and Michael Dougherty & the Nashville Symphony Orchestra's Metropolis Symphony.


K.V. Bailey's Postmodern Playtime examined, Cardinal Cox reports on the launch of Stanza Press. Oulipo's half century, Peter Porter obituary, Hawkwind at the BBC in 1972, the inspiration for The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band's I'm The Urban Spaceman revealed, and Buzz Aldrin does a cha cha!


19 years in the making, issue 150 of Data Dump features the main man himself, Beowulf, a fascinating article on 'curious and curiouser' verse forms, and an interesting article by A.C. Evans on diverse music with sci-fi links - some a tad tenuous!


No.'s 151-175

Squid extravaganza, and very interesting Genre Music section in this one.


Gnepping fest, review of Cardinal Cox's engagingly titled Codex Cthulhapalooza, UFO music, and Cardinal Cox reviews Hawkwind's Blood of the Earth and Imagined Village's Empire & Love.


Review of Blair H. Allen's Early Poems 1966-82 and Boy's Own Rocket Science anthology. Genre Music Extra features the true star of the 2010 World Cup - Paul the Psychic Octopus!


Edwin Morgan tribute special. Century of the Manikin author E C Tubb's demise also recognised.


Jabberwocky translations, and the weirdest Genre Music column yet!


Reviews of Cardinal Cox's Black Sands, White Rock and The Phantom of Truth anthology. Captain Beefheart obituary, plus, A.C. Evans 'exposes' H.P. Lovebox.


Dr. Who, Uranus Genre Music mentions aplenty. Reviews of Cardinal Cox's Codex Dagon and The Last Refuge by Russell Jones.


6th Annual Data Dump (2011) Awards Nominations. The terrifying news that William Shatner is recording a metal album, with space as its theme, is revealed. Queen's Brian May will be a partner in musical crime. Review of Michael Ward's Planet Narnia by Steve Jeffery, and Steve Sneyd reviews Rats Live on No Evil Star by Robert Cole.


Reviews of Les Merton's Dreckly and Cardinal Cox's The Rock Show 2: The Music of the Spheres and Other Earthy Verse. Data Dump Awards Short List 2011.


Data Dump 2011 Award - Winner, 2nd, 3rd Places announced (see below). Yuri Gagarin remembered, 50 years on from being the first man in space. Purple Patch editor Geoff Stevens revelation, and an extensive review of Wendy Webb's Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained. Also a review of a poetry and photos anthology of the 2011 partial solar eclipse.


Reviews of Cardinal Cox's Lundone, Larry Blazek's Eternal Midnight, The Sepulchre by A.C. Evans, and Hawkwind fanzine Hawkfan. Also news of Patrick Moore's latest single!


Yuri Gagarin remembered again, including mention of how well received he was by the British public, though not by politicians. Bob Dylan's 70th birthday also noted.


Out of This World SF exhibition review. Plus review by Cardinal Cox of The Enid, and a review of Cardinal Cox's Lovecraft-themed Dream-Work.


20 years of Data Dump celebrated. An eclectic mix of info in this issue, from Erasmus Darwin to the Clockwork Orange musical, and a review of the 40th anniversary edition of Science Fiction Commentary. Also info on statue of Yuri Gagarin, which was unveiled in London on July 14th, 2011.


Prometheus special, with the focus on literary and movie references to the Greek myth. Review of D.J. Tyrer's The Tears of Lot - 49.


Review of Tracy K. Smith's poetry collection, Life on Mars. Mention of William Shatner's latest music adventure is to be found hidden away on the back page.


'Worm Song Director Dies' is DD's quirky take on the passing of ledge film director Ken Russell. Moving account of Steve Sneyd's visit to William Dearden's grave. Horror icons also feature in this issue, from writer Edgar Allan Poe to Mary Shelley's creation, Frankenstein.


2012 apocalypse, Frankenstein, Lilith Lorraine, review of Steam Up! magazine. David Bedford (the composer not the athlete) obituary.


Review of And to the Republic by Blair Ewing, the interesting life of Robert Stephen Hawker, Marvin the Android round-up.


Astropoetry, review of Stephen Owen's The Bloods of Space, David Bowie's 65th birthday celebrated and 7th Annual Data Dump (2012) Awards Nominations.


A nod to Geoff Stevens, one of the greats of the British small press poetry scene, who passed away in February. Review of Cardinal Cox's Codex Nodens, news of unveiling of Ziggy Stardust 40th anniversary plaque, and 7th Annual Data Dump Awards Short List 2012.


Robert Browning special. Data Dump 2012 Award - Winner, 2nd, 3rd Places announced (see below). Cardinal Cox review of Wake Up Angels by Sun Ra & His Solar Arkestra.


With a nod at the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy's 42, DD gives Bible-related instances of the magic number. Arcadia by D.J. Tyrer and Sonnets for the Space Age by A. Langley Searles reviewed.


Ray Bradbury obituary, reviews of Cardinal Cox's Codex L'ng, A. Langley Searles' Sonnets for the Space Age and Other Poems, and Christine Depardes' The Tristan Cycle. Even Manchester City get a mention via some somewhat tenuous sci-fi links!


Review of Life on Mars - not the Bowie song, or TV series, or even the biggest news story of all time, but an acclaimed book of SF poetry by Tracy K. Smith. Latest Cardinal Cox booklet, A Gaslit Romance, and Michael Moorcock's Jerry Cornelius reviewed.


No.'s 176-200

Musing on whether the late Neil Armstrong's famous two-liner on the Moon was poetry. Review of Bryn Fortey's Planetary Observation, and the case for Homer bringing robots/androids into literature.

177 Harry Harrison, Stephen Owen obituaries. Review of Twisted In Dream by Ann K. Schwader.

Review of Songs of Steelyard Sue by J.S. Watts, Jimi Hendrix, sci-fi fan, Pied Piper Rats Tap Dance. A right sci-fi/fantasy cornucopia this time.


An obituary of Alan Hunter, reviews of the A.C. Evans collection Fractured Minds, and Jamie McKendrick's Out There. Also another lot of Genre Music facts to amaze ya.


The first DD of 2013 begins with a tribute to Patrick Moore, the eccentric, lovable and legendary The Sky at Night presenter, who died in December. There's also a review of The Long Road Home by Aeronwy Dafies, and an amusing fact about Little Richard - though probably not to him...


This issue gives more examples of the continuing popularity of Edgar Allan Poe's poem The Raven, a review of Sword of Forgery, and pieces on such diverse talents as H.P. Lovecraft, Gary Numan and Scott Walker.


8th Annual Data Dump (2013) Awards Nominations. Reviews of Intimations of Unreality and Cardinal Cox's Codexing Ever On, plus a focus on some of Patrick Moore's more curious work.


8th Annual Data Dump Awards Short List 2013. Genre Music Extra, review of Cas the Completion, and Humpty Dumpty thought-quote!


Data Dump 2013 Award - Winner, 2nd, 3rd Places announced (see below). Reviews of Duncan Lunan's Children From The Sky and E-Con Poetry readaround. With a new album, single and fastest-selling V&A exhibition in history, David Bowie's return to centre stage is given an appreciative nod.


Bowie fest, including mention of Chris Hadfield performing Space Oddity on the International Space Station - as you do. Cardinal Cox's Fables from the Fantasy Fayre reviewed The chapbook marks the 21st anniversary of the first of Peterborough's annual fantasy fairs. Review of Geoff Boswell's Brass Orchids, and the Hawkwind fanzine, Hawkfan.


A look at the poetry of author Iain M. Banks, who died in June 2013. Atlantean Publishing Yellow Leaves series #5, by Don Webb, reviewed. Fascinating snippet on Gary Numan's love of the iPad, and how he spooks his family by switching the lights off anywhere in the world!


Dante generously covered in this issue and The Skinny review of Lou Reed and Lorenzo Mattotti's The Raven is amusing in its NME-style viciousness. Water off Lou's back, I suspect. Reviews of Arkham Monologues by Phillip A. Ellis and Frederick J. Mayer's Tsathoggua and Shathak Mate.


Star Cards, 42 is the magic number, Arthur fest via Tolkien's take on Guinevere and John Masefield's Arthurian poems. "New Dr. Who Peter Capaldi in Singing Cockroach Win" - all is revealed...


Frederik Pohl, Seamus Heaney obituaries. Hawkwind at Stamford - gig review by Cardinal Cox. Reviews of John Masefield's Arthurian Poets and Tom Stoppard's radio play tribute to Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon. Naturally, Beowulf & Co.


Virgil fest, Seamus Heaney and flying ships, 50th anniversary of the death of CS Lewis. Ian M. Emberson, Leland Sapiro obituaries, and acknowledgments of Lou Reed and Philip Chevron, who both died in October.


Larry Farscape, Joel Lane obituaries, Paul Truttman's Lifeforce reviewed. Interesting reflections on the life of C.S. Lewis - 50 years after his death, and a whole page dedicated to the prolific outpourings of Cardinal Cox.


February 2014

Dickensiana, reviews of Danse Macabre and Andrew Jordan's Hegemonick. Also, Caught on the Fly and how pet ravens inspired the work of Edgar Allan Poe and Charles Dickens!


Mark Rich's An Essay on Women's Speculative Poetry, Mark Walker's take on Merlin, via Geoffrey of Monmouth, John W. Sexton's The Offspring of the Moon reviewed. Article on Now & Then reprints and of 8th Century aerial ships sightings in Ireland.


Early celebration of William Shakespeare's 450th. Spaces of Their Own by Russell Jones, and Atlantean Publishing's Cthulhu Mythos-inspired poetry pamphlets reviewed. Nominations for the 9th Annual Data Dump Awards, Tori Amos musical The Light Princess info.


9th Annual Data Dump Awards Short List. Reviews of Cardinal Cox's From Space and work published by Atlantean Publishing, plus a nod at a champion of speculative poetry, Michael Moorcock. Genre Music Extra, Extra, Extra!


Data Dump 2014 Award - Winner, 2nd, 3rd Places announced (see below). Gawain & The Green Knight extravaganza, reviews of Cardinal Cox's Codex Yuggoth, Balloon To The Center Of The Earth by Neal Wilgus, and Atlantean Publishing anthology The Dark Tower, Volume Four.


DD in red. Reviews of JRR Tolkien's translation of Beowulf, Dave Wright's Ragdoll At The Axis Of The Dust-To-Dust Storm, and Robert Cole's Spool. Plus, Virgil as a wizard theory.


"Sun Coffin Latest", talking squid, reviews of work by Cardinal Cox/T. Kelly Lee, Genre Music Extra. Plus, the Gene-Mod Super Owl cover illo - probably the best illo in DD to date!



Reviews of Dark Words - Gentle Sounds and L. Sprague de Camp's Phantoms & Fancies. While Genre Music Extra gives us info on cannibalistic rats manning a Russian ghost ship and grasshoppers from Mars!



October 2014

While reflecting on reaching a significant milestone, Steve Sneyd explains the unique, handwritten style of DD. Steve also tries to catch up on a few things he'd previously omitted. Plus, there's a Comets & Criminals review, and Cardinal Cox reports on Loncon 3. Also look out for pigeons from hell.


No.'s 201-214

Lots of obituaries - Lucius Shepard, Steve Eng, John Moat, Nicanor Para, and last, but certainly not least, the ISS Space Geckos. This issue also includes an article on filk for the uninitiated, and, following her return to performing live, reflections on Kate Bush's sci-fi/fantasy/horror legacy.


Reviews of Dreams From A Black Nebula by Wade German and Michael Deacon's The Rime Of The Ancient Miliband (!). Mention for Peterborough publishers Starburker's 50th poetry chapbook - Green Coated Poet by Cardinal Cox, and an analysis of the opera The Woman Without A Shadow.


Quantum poetics, reviews of Atlantean Publishing's The Summoning Bell and Cardinal Cox's Does Magna Carta Mean Nothing To You? Did She Die in Vain? Plus, news of fruit flies having genes that could see them evolve enough to fill concert halls with their piano playing!


Suzette Haden Elgin obituary. Machine mannery talk, reviews of new US dark fantasy poetry magazine Spectral Realms and Cardinal Cox's Wonderfully Wasted Weekends. Also, an old lady called Lucy's Beatles link.


Info on the late, much loved Leonard Nimoy's music and poetry and Grip, the pet raven immortalised by Charles Dickens in Barnaby Rudge. Reviews of Cardinal Cox's Codex Jermyn and Michael Bishop's tribute poem to Philip K. Dick. In addition, nominations for the 10th Annual Data Dump Awards.


Dreams & Nightmares 100th edition, reviews of Radio 4 Extra's Graceless Series and The Celt In The Machine and The Shadow Cycles, both by Philip Emery. Short list for the 10th Annual Data Dump Award.


Data Dump 2015 Award - Winner, 2nd, 3rd Places announced (see below). Articles on celebrations of 45th anniversary of German electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk, JRR Tolkien's The Fall of Arthur and Alice in Wonderland - the musical.


Reviews of Poems by Iain Banks and Ken MacLeod and Cardinal Cox's Ode To Steampunk Girls. Much on Dante, and also a mutant kangaroo, Christopher Lee and Charlemagne!


Reviews of Atlantean Publications A Butterfly In Carcosa by D.J. Tyrer, and Codex Yokai and Towers of Time. Also, reviews of Cardinal Cox's Codex Atlantis and Mike Johnson's See What I Mean, with intriguing titles Amazing Maisie and Mum, The Extra Terrestrial.


Includes reviews of The Book of Jade and Beyond The Wall Of Death, Ned Brooks obituary, and Rocky Horror Show 40th anniversary. Ashtaroth graces the cover, and looks very capable of kicking Walter J Palmer's sorry ass in revenge for Cecil.


Pacicification, reviews of Max Porter's Grief Is The Thing With Feathers, Cardinal Cox's Codex Ghul, and K. A. Opperman's The Crimson Tome. Genre Music Extra, including Peter Capaldi as the first rock star Doctor (Capaldi was the guitarist/frontman in punk band The Dreamboys in his yoof, which also featured comedian Craig Ferguson). Also news on David Bowie writing music for a SpongeBob SquarePants musical.


Alexander Pope popes up, and news of giant teddy bears performing Shakespeare. Defining Speculative Poetry review and Genre Music Xtra.


Reviews of Mort To Come, Tune In To Marrow and New Lyrical Ballads. Genre Music Xtra, including The Elves Of Silbury Hill.

Data Dump Awards for Science Fiction Poetry


AWARD '15 ( UK - Published in 2014)

  • First: "Museum of Wind" by NEAL WILGUS (Monomyth 14.D)

  • Joint Second: "Hard Work on the Red Shift" by CARDINAL COX (From Space - collection); "Virgil's Ongoing Researches" by D.J. TYRER (Worlds of the Unknown #1)

  • Shared Third: "Futuristic Haiku " by ERIC FERRIS (Bard 137); "Worm" by BRYN FORTEY (Bard 138)


AWARD '14 (UK - Published in 2013)

  • First: "After the Moons" by RUSSELL JONES (Spaces of their own (collection), Stewed Rhubard P.)

  • Joint Second: "Saturn Sigma Trojan Virus" by ANDREW DARLINGTON (Handshake 87); "Poetry is True Science Fiction" by J.S. McLEAN (Awen 82)

  • Shared Third: "Chaser & Chased" by BRYN FORTEY (Bard 129); "The Enigma Invasion" by J.C. HARTLEY (Tiger Shark 7); "Yellow Dreams" by NEAL WILGUS (Yellow Leaves 6)



  • First: "Steelyard Sue Builds A Baby" by J.S. WATTS (Songs of Steelyard Sue, Lapwing Press)

  • Second: "What Robots Murmur Through Broken Sleep (Where Rockets Burn Through)" by JON STONE (Penned In The Margins anthology)

  • Third: "Megara" by BARNABY TIDMAN (Penned In The Margins)

  • (UK - Published in 2012)


AWARD '12 (UK - Published in 2011)

  • First: "The Narcissus Pool: How to Win Friends & Influence Aliens" by ANDREW DARLINGTON (Handshake #81)

  • Second: "City of Worlds" by AUSTIN McCARRON (Awen #73)

  • Shared Third: "Automata" by CARDINAL COX (Rocket to Ruritania, Starburker Press); "City of Shadows & Dust" by NEAL WILGUS (Monomyth, Vol. 11.2/#50)


AWARD '11 (UK - Published in 2010)

  • Joint First: "Mars On Life" by ALLAN PETERSON (The Seventh Quarry #11)

  • Shared Second: "We Am Clone" by CARDINAL COX (Black Sands, White Rock); "Safari" By BRYN FORTEV (Monomyth 10-1); "The Native Finds Her in the Wreckage" by MARGE SIMON ("Poetry Cornwall" #27)

  • Joint Third: "In the Name of Science" by PETER E. PRESFORD (Boy's Own Rocket Science); "What Trees Were" by NEAL WILGUS (Earth Love #37)


AWARD '10 (UK - Published in 2009)

  • Joint First: "Fresh Make-Up For The Ship" by CARDINAL COX (1969 & All That, Malfunction Press anthology) "Pulling The Thread" by BEN PARKER (In The Telling, Cinnamon Press anthology)

  • Runner-Up: "Peas and Diced Carrots" by C. DESPARDES (Bard #73)

  • Shared Third: "Inspiration" by DAVE AUSTIN (Awen #56/The Bards 23); "Soul Creation" by PETER E. PRESFORD (1969 & All That)


AWARD '09 (UK - Published in 2008)

  • Winner: "A Taxi Driver On Mars" by BRYN FORTEY (Awen #53)

  • Joint Second: "The Fifties" by J.C. HARTLEY (Poetry Cornwall, V.7, #3); "Spaced Out" by RICHARD LUNG (Handshake #75)

  • Shared Third: "Boo Galaxy" by A.C. EVANS (Handshake #75); "Home Help" by VIVIEN FOSTER (Old Rossum's Book Of Practical Robots); "In Cervisia Immortals" by J.P.V. STEWART (Curlew #60)


AWARD '08 (UK - Published in 2007)

  • Winner: "Breakdown On The Galactic Highway" by DAVE PERRY (Paper Cuts #2)

  • Shared Second: "Planet Of The Apes Archive" by CHRISTOPHER BARNES (Bard #54); "Frankenstein/Bride Of Frankenstein" by CARDINAL COX (Handshake #69); "The Death Of Spiderman" by AUSTIN McCARRON (Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow anthology)

  • Joint Third: "Adieu" by SUSIE REYNOLDS (Chimera #6); "Slow Cooker" by PETER E. PRESFORD (Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow, Malfunction Panthology)


AWARD '07 (UK - Published in 2006)

  • Winner: "Marriage of Powers" by ANDREW NIGHTINGALE (10th Muse #14)

  • Joint Second: "The Oracle Corporation" by F.J. WILLIAMS (Bard #48); "Time Zones" by ELIZABETH JODI WOODWARD (4th Dimension #11)

  • Shared Third: "Probe" by BRYN FORTEY (The Bards #16); "Space Aliens At The Burger King" by SIMON ROBSON (Urinal Jelly Babies); "Untitled Russian Haiku" by D.J. WESTON (Awen #40)

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